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Personal Learning Networks- Are You In?

Posted by sarahwww on January 25, 2010

One of the members of my PLN wrote a lengthy blog post all about Person Learning Networks. It is an excellent post and I refer you to it… . I am attempting here to provide a “reader’s digest” version over several posts.
Almost everyone has sent out an email looking for information or materials: book titles, supplies, pipe cleaners, balloons, red/white/green construction paper, you name it. Your PLN operates in much the same way only you can send a call out at any time of the day or night and get an answer back with links and information. Why would anyone bother? People who participate in online networks are generous with their resources and time. There is a give and take and a wealth of experiences out there to be shared. Not only that, people are curious (and sometimes nosy). They want to know if anyone else has had trouble with a topic, a discipline issue, or a website. Feedback is very valuable and affirming.
I suggested in the last post that you begin by getting a twitter account and start playing with it. If you do not already use this resource, you get a free account by going to and signing up. Once you are on, you can begin “following” folks and receiving their posts. You can follow me- my twitter name is sarahw3 (someone in London got my usual sarahwww :( ). Once you follow me, anytime I send out a tweet it will come to your twitter stream ( available when you log in at You can reply back or simply send out your own tweet. If you already participate in twitter and would like local followers (or once you have signed up) post your twittername in the comment section below and We can follow you. So, that is your assignment; get a Twitter account and name, post it in the comments. :)

One Response to “Personal Learning Networks- Are You In?”

  1. Kathylyn Sedgwick said

    I’m ksedg, but out of practice.

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